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Rev Vicky's Message December 29, 2022

It’s been another COVID Christmas – just when we thought we were over it! As one friend put it, “it is sad that covid flies in on the wings of Love” (like at our Winter Solstice Interfaith Candlelight Service).

The good news is, while it can be a nuisance, COVID can’t conquer Love. Multiple caring texts and emails have been flying around with healing prayers and offers of support…evidence of the “beloved community” we are co-creating together. (As is our decision to ask folks to go back to masking at our church services through January – when we will review the situation again – to help protect one another from another outbreak.)

Not certain of what Michelle’s status will be by Sunday, we will not be having a White Stone Ceremony. Instead, I will be exploring more of our Christian heritage around Christmas (e.g., the meaning of “the twelve days of Christmas” (not the song) and the Feast of the Epiphany) – as well as Richard Rohr’s insightful, mystical understanding of “incarnation” – AND – some thoughts on how we can strive to “keep Christmas all year long.”

I hope to see you Saturday (Burning Bowl) and Sunday – if you are well. We will smile with our eyes as we feel the caring and love that flows through our commUnity, and blesses us all.

If I don’t see you this week – Happy New Year! I look forward to another year of growing together.


Rev. Vicky


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