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More on Unity

Unity’s Five Basic Principles

1. God Is…There is only One Presence & One Power in the Universe;  God the Good – expressing always as Infinite God beyond us, Intimate God beside us, Inner God being us..Divine LOVE in Action

2. I AM… Our essence is of God and inherently good…

3. I Think…We co-create our reality through the thoughts we hold in mind and where we focus our attention...


4. I Pray…Through prayer & meditation, we open to and align ourselves with Divine Truth…


5. I Do…We demonstrate Truth, through practical application, in our everyday lives…


Harmony Symbol - Design by Rev. Doris Hoskins

- Egyptian Ankh

- Indigenous Bear Fetish

- Tao Yin Yang

- Unity Wings/Christian Cross

- Hindu "OM"

- Islamic Crescent Moon

- Buddhist Tree of Life

- Jewish Star of David

The Harmony Symbol Sculpture represents our belief that God is understood through many different names, faces and paths-while expressing always as Love.

Unity 5 Priciples.jpg
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