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Rev. Vicky's Message December 21, 2023

SIMPLE – by M. Jade Kaiser


Maybe it’s as simple

and as miraculous as this:

everything that makes life Sacred 

is already here, 

wailing with joy and want, 

asking to be cherished, protected, nurtured 

in community, queer and determined.


What if the whole earth, 

the entire loving cosmos 

reaching for life and flourishing, 

is just asking us 

to stop looking elsewhere for 

what has always been within reach. 


Asking us to pay attention 

to this holy place, 

all these sources of hope 

woven through, 

all this beauty 

and gentle wise power 

completely at home 

in your flesh 

and mine 

and ours.


May we each awaken to the Light that has been, and always is, the true essence of our being, of all of life, and of God this Christmas. 


Wishing you hope, faith, peace, love and joy… Rev. Vicky


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