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Rev. Vicky's Message December 15, 2022

My response to and understanding of the Christmas story has continued to evolve over my lifetime:

  • Beginning as a historical event I accepted with a child’s faith;

  • That became a literally “unbelievable” story (virgin birth? I don’t think so!) making me question Christianity with my teenage wisdom;

  • That transformed into a mystical rendering of an unexplainable miracle that I had personally experienced within my own heart and mind (my own Christ awakening as a college student);

  • And took me on a journey in search of a spiritual home where I could explore and evolve my understanding of this life-changing experience of transforming Love – that ultimately lead me to Unity;

  • Where I learned how to read and understand the Bible through my heart – as metaphysical wisdom stories with symbolism and spiritual messages that continue to shift over the years, depending upon where I am in my life and what lessons I’m learning.

I’m no longer bothered with questions about the two (in Matthew and Luke) different, often contradictory, versions of the story that we have morphed into a single tale, or the lack of any historical facts or foundation. And, I’ve even mostly released the need to change the words of traditional Christmas carols (admittedly and gratefully some of the changes have become “our tradition”).

And now I look forward each year to recreating this magical, mystical story of the Christ being re-born in my heart and yours – and through each of us – into a world that is waiting for the Light that reminds us: We Are All ONE…

May the Sacred Light of the Season (from every spiritual tradition) open our hearts and minds to the hope, faith, peace, love, and joy that are our true essence. Merry Christmas, Happy Holy-days!


Rev. Vicky


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