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Rev. Michelle's Message May 2, 2024

I have great news to share with all of you today! And it fits right in with our current topic of deconstructing and reconstructing faith!


Yesterday the United Methodist Church voted to overturn their 40-year ban on LGBTQ clergy and same-sex weddings! The UMC has long been divided over this issue and for some time it looked like the church was likely to split into two different denominations, as the Presbyterians did a few years back. This pro-LGBTQ ruling represents a momentous shift in the church’s stance on homosexuality.


Of course, gay clergy have always existed in the UMC. However, since a 1984 ruling they had been under a sort of don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy, where gay clergy needed to keep their sexuality to themselves and sort of fly under the radar in order to avoid church administrative action. In 1984 the UMC also prohibited clergy from performing or celebrating same sex unions.


The UMC has been locked in debate over this issue for decades and so Wednesday’s historic ruling marks a huge step forward in the movement for justice and inclusion of all people in the church. There is more work to be done for LGBTQ folks to be fully included in the church, but this vote represents major progress and gives hope to so many.


This is an example of the positive effects that can result from the kind of deconstructing work we are currently talking about in our Sunday lessons right now, as well as in our after-service class. I don’t know the whole history of the UMC, but I’m quite sure this decision is the result of decades of work on the behalf of many, many people to release the harmful and damaging theology of the past and replace it with a more progressive theology that more closely reflects the radical inclusiveness that Jesus taught and demonstrated. Hurray!


Many Blessings,

Rev Michelle


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