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Rev. Michelle's Message January 25, 2024

Last Sunday, in our lesson on the 12 Powers, I talked a little bit about my own history with Unity’s prosperity teachings. I shared that when I first came to Unity, I had a real consciousness of lack, which I believe came from, at least in part, my family’s history of immigrating to the United States and working hard to start a new life. They saved every penny, never threw anything away, and eschewed any kind of luxuries because they never knew when they might be poor again. There was a current of there never being enough that ran through my family’s approach to money and finances that I had picked up and internalized.

In Unity, I learned about the law of mind-action and how I could use positive affirmations to help me to correct my false beliefs about money and prosperity that were no longer serving me. I found that with time and repetition, the affirmations began to work on my consciousness. My fear of lack began to leave me and I achieved a mindset of greater prosperity and abundance that has served me well during the ups and downs of my life over the past three decades.

This Sunday we will explore Unity’s approach to prosperity consciousness, which is foundational to our New Thought teachings. For some of you, this will be a sort of refresher on prosperity while for others it will be fairly new.

To prepare for Sunday’s lesson, I invite you, over the next few days, to spend just a few moments reflecting on the state of your own consciousness as it pertains to prosperity, money, abundance, and lack. You may want to consider your own upbringing and the attitudes towards money that were prevalent in your family of origin.

Ask yourself, how did my family talk about money and finances when I was growing up? Was there a consciousness of lack or scarcity? Have I inherited that lack consciousness? Have I ever really examined my own prosperity consciousness? Do I ever fall into a mindset of “there’s never enough” or “more is better”?

Taking just a short time to reflect on these questions will deepen your awareness of the state of your own consciousness and prepare you to get more out of our Sunday lesson on prosperity.

I look forward to exploring these teachings with all of you!

Abundant Blessings,

Rev. Michelle


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