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Rev. Michelle's Message January 18, 2024

This Sunday we will be exploring the 12 Powers–twelve divine attributes that Unity’s co-founder, Charles Fillmore, believed formed the basis of our Christ consciousness. As we will see, these twelve attributes are powers that we all are endowed with, but that we can cultivate and strengthen in order to use them more effectively to transform our lives.


While preparing my Sunday lesson, I came across a wonderful resource on Unity’s website which contains short audio meditations for each of the 12 powers. I invite you to explore these audio files as you have time this week. You can use them in your prayer/meditation time or any time you want to get grounded in one or more of your God-given spiritual powers.


Our class on Unity’s Affirmative Prayer Practice begins today! Whether you are attending the class or exploring the book, Discover Your Divinity, on your own, you will benefit greatly by deepening your understanding of these innate spiritual attributes that we all have. The more familiar we become with the 12 Powers, the more effectively we will be able to incorporate them into our affirmative prayer practice.


Here’s the link to the webpage: Twelve Powers Audio Meditations from Unity.


I look forward to exploring the 12 Powers with you this Sunday!


Many Blessings,

Rev. Michelle


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