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Rev. Michelle's Message January 11, 2024


Wow, we are truly hitting the ground running in this New Year at UMB. Right away, we are delving into a deep study of the Unity affirmative prayer practice, using the book Discovery Your Divinity: A Modern Guide to Affirmative Prayer by Linda Martella-Whitsett and Deeann Weir Morency. Our mid-week class on the book begins next week on Thursday, January 18, from 1:30-3:00 p.m. and will continue for six weeks.


This week I have been reading the book myself in order to prepare for the class as well as to see how I might give an overview of the book for this Sunday’s lesson. While I have done a couple of Sunday talks about affirmative prayer over the past few months, I must admit it is a topic I have a complicated relationship with. I have always found affirmative prayer an interesting and powerful, yet challenging, aspect of Unity teachings. So I will be learning and growing and expanding right along with all of you over the next several weeks as we go deeper into affirmative prayer together as a community.


If you are new to Unity or one of our newer members, this book is the natural progression in your exploration of Unity teachings. It will take what you have learned so far and help you begin to apply it in powerful ways in your daily life. I highly recommend you get the book so that you can study the concepts on your own, whether you plan to attend the weekday class or not. It is a foundational book that you will refer to again and again as you expand your understanding of Unity’s principles.


If you are a long-time Unity member, this book will be a wonderful review of Unity principles and will help you go deeper, understanding the teachings at a more profound level. Hopefully, it will reinvigorate your enthusiasm for Unity’s affirmative prayer practice and refresh and transform your own personal prayer practice.


I look forward to this exploration with you–individually and as a spiritual community–and the rich discussions and expanded understandings I know it will produce. Hang on, everybody, as 2024 is sure to be a wild ride!


Winter Blessings,

Rev. Michelle


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