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Rev. Michelle's Message August 18, 2022

Do you listen to podcasts? At home? In your car? While walking? While washing dishes?

I’m fairly new to the podcast universe. Ever since I realized I could listen to a podcast while lifting weights, I’ve been checking out some different podcasts and even using them as inspiration for my sermons. There are a bazillion podcasts out there and hopefully you have already found some you like, but I thought I would introduce you to a few I’ve been listening to that might provide a starting point if you’re new to podcasts or need some new material to listen to.

In my Sunday lesson last week I talked about a podcast called “We Can Do Hard Things” with Glennon Doyle. Glennon is the author of Carry on Warrior, Love Warrior, and Untamed. She is married to retired soccer star Abby Wambach, who joins her on the podcasts, along with Glennon’s sister and a whole array of guests. Their podcasts are informative, fun, and often have a spiritual bent. I especially recommend the episode entitled, “How to Love Your Body Now with Carson Tueller,” for an honest and moving account of what it’s like to be gay and paralyzed from the chest down.

While researching this week’s Sunday lesson, I came across “The Happiness Lab” podcast with Dr. Laurie Santos—a professor at Yale who specializes in the science of happiness. These podcasts are based on all the latest research on happiness and what we can do to optimize our own happiness, including embracing our sadness, which is what I’ll be talking about this Sunday.

We can use our podcast listening time to broaden our understanding of diversity and inclusion. I highly recommend an episode on the TED Radio Hour podcast called “Emily Quinn: Male or Female Is the Wrong Question—How Can We Rethink Biological Sex?” I learned so much from this fascinating episode about the 150 million people in the world who are intersex—that is, their biological sex is ambiguous. The more we learn about others, the more open, compassionate, and inclusive we can be.

And, of course, you can tune in anytime to my very own podcast, “Spirit of Recovery,” on My co-host, Rev. Dan Beckett, and I discuss the intersection of Unity principles and 12-Step recovery. In addition to posting two new episodes per month, all of our archived episodes going back a number of years are available there as well.

There is so much to learn, especially as it pertains to our understanding of other people’s experiences. That’s what I love about listening to podcasts—I get to hear how other people who are different from me experience the world in their own voice, and in the process I inevitably learn more about myself.

Happy listening!

Many Blessings,

Rev. Michelle


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