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Rev Vicky's Message September 23, 2021

It’s Autumn! My favorite time of year! But at the same time – I can’t believe we’re three quarters the way through 2021 – and I’m guessing I’m not alone in that.

It often feels like 2020-2021 has been just one continuous experience, as we continue to navigate, individually and collectively, the unprecedented, “novel” pandemonium of this Covid-19 pandemic – along side our nation’s struggle to become a more perfect union (or to just sustain the imperfect one we already have) we careen from George Floyd and Black Lives Matter to the first ever domestic terrorist assault on our capital and continuing challenges to our commitment to democracy.

Reflecting on it all – I’m adopting/creating a practice of WONDER. I’m giving thanks for the chaos that has forced me out of what I thought I knew and reminded me that “not knowing” is the true path to wisdom and transformation. Join me this Sunday – where I will wonder about wonder (out loud) – and how we might make it our spiritual practice…I promise it will be wonder-ful!

On another note – thank you to Kay Payan, Susan Sutherland, Sue Rojcewicz, MaryAnn Boylan, Martha Price, Keith Lawson, Robin Falkenberg, Pam Greever, Dori Bogan, and everyone else who worked behind the scenes to make this year’s UMB Roaring 20’s Anniversary Banquet and Auction a HUGE and FUN SUCCESS! It was the perfect way to finally exhale and put a period on the past 19 months – and create a new beginning!

And of course, thank you James Bogan, for the ongoing inspiration, the venue access, the wine, and so much more. It was such a joy to honor James and Dori for their years of service and vision and commitment to Unity of Monterey Bay!

Blessings and virtual hugs,

Rev Vicky


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