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Rev. Vicky's Message March 9, 2023

“Who am I to become enlightened?” The question was asked by a newcomer to the temple classes offered by Geshe Wangpo (in The Dalai Lama’s Cat and The Four Paws of Spiritual Success).

I’m sure many of us have had similar doubts. I loved Geshe’la’s response, offered with a gaze of deep compassion, “Who are you not to? The Buddha was once an ordinary man. He had his failings. Fortunately for us, not only did he attain enlightenment, but he showed us the most rapid way to attain the same state.”

He goes on to explain that the idea we may have of ourselves, as someone who may not be capable to enlightenment––is “just an idea. A thought. A concept. There is no concrete reality to it whatsoever. So, because it does not serve you well, let go of it. Do not energize it with the power of your attention. Do not dignify it with a substantiality that it does not, in fact, possess.”

Who are we not to become enlightened? It’s a good question. I hope you join us this Sunday, along with the Dalai Lama’s Cat, as we open to her lessons and insights that invite us deeper into the joyous path of wisdom and compassion that supports us letting go of our limiting ego-identities to claim our inherent inner Christ~Buddha~Light~Love.


Rev. Vicky


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