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Rev. Vicky's Message March 24, 2022

As most of you know by now, my newest grandson, Lennon Joseph Elder, was born last Sunday morning at 8:26. I was holding him in my arms by 10:45 AM, having my heart opened wide in that moment of grace in the birth of every child (to paraphrase Kenny Loggins in “The Welcoming”).

At the same time, however, I continue to be confronted, daily, with situations and news that break my heart open (as are all of you). And, I admit, there can be a temptation to try to tune it all out and just focus on the joy. But while that may seem to work for a while, there are serious costs: Namely, as we numb ourselves to the pain in life, we soon discover our joy becomes muted as well.

I heard a John Denver song on the car radio a few weeks ago… “All This Joy”. And it perfectly captured this seeming dichotomy we’re all living. The words go: “All this joy; All this sorrow; All this promise; All this pain… Such is life; Such is being; Such is spirit; Such is love.”

As soon as I heard it - I knew there was a lesson there calling me to embrace and teach what I most need to learn. I hope you’ll join us this Sunday as we explore together what it means to live fully… as Rene Brown puts it, “beyond the middle octave: embracing ALL of life’s notes.”

Blessings and Peace - Rev. Vicky


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