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Rev. Vicky's Message March 14, 2024

I know I’m slow to the game, but I’ve only recently become aware of the concept of “life-hacks” (i.e., usually simple and clever tips or techniques for accomplishing familiar tasks more easily and efficiently – thereby reducing the frustrations of daily life).


For example, using bread clips to hold or organize powers cords, or to make it easy to access the end to a role of packing or duct tape; putting a wooden spoon across a boiling pot of pasta or oatmeal to keep it from boiling over; and/or wrapping banana stems in aluminum foil to slow down the ripening process.


There’s literally a million of these tricks out there…I’m sure you all have your own. And let’s face it – reducing our frustration levels is always a good thing.


So as I began to think about my Sunday lesson on The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership (the spiritual study book our Leadership Council has adopted for this year) I realized that the authors had come up with an ingenious foundational concept/ technique (i.e., “a spiritual hack”) that can help us more easily and effectively stay awake and mindful, and remember who we really are.


Specifically, it’s a question we can ask ourselves in any given moment or circumstance: “Are we (in this moment) functioning ABOVE the line or BELOW the line?”


And just to be clear – I’m defining “leadership” as “making the choice to take responsibility for our world” – which is something we can (should?) ALL do. As the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) explains it, “… as humans, we are naturally creative and resourceful, which  means we all have the ability to decide to step forward and be responsible for what is going on around us….Every single person on this planet has the opportunity to practice true leadership.”


So – If you want to learn more about “living above the line” – join us this Sunday! We will also be blessed by our new Unity Choir sharing a medley of St. Patrick’s Day songs!



Rev. Vicky


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