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Rev.Vicky's Message June 30, 2022

Twenty-four years ago this weekend, Rory, I and our boys moved to Monterey and began serving as the Co-Ministers of UMB, having just driven cross country from Unity Village after being ordained as Unity ministers. I was living my calling, my purpose, and my joy…i.e., “supporting all people to know the transforming power of God’s Love…”

One of the things that had called me to ministry was a deep desire to help heal the wounds that religion(s) too often caused – and invite people to experience the God of Unconditional Love that I knew and lived In, Through, and As my Being.

I came into ministry with an open heart – not at all sure what the journey would look like – and not only willing, but seeking to be transformed in the process. Like in every life – I’ve experienced great love and deep loss; much joy and many challenges; myriads of opportunities to serve as well as be served; magical, mystical moments and painful lessons. But I’m most grateful for the growth, evolution, and maturing of my soul.

I can honestly say it is the life I chose, and I would choose it (and THIS spiritual community) again, without reservation. I am grateful and truly blessed to be sharing this journey with all of you…


Rev. Vicky


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