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Rev. Vicky's Message July 6, 2023

Last Sunday was a wonderful celebration with our Unity CommUnity. The member sharing of were heartfelt and meaningful, and the potluck BBQ was delicious. Thank you everyone who helped make it such a special day!

This week, we begin our Unity Basics Series. Even after 25 years in ministry and 40+ years as a Unity student – my understanding of our defining principles deepens every time I engage our core teachings – helping me live the Truth more fully in my daily walk.

GOD IS: There is only One Presence & One Power in the Universe—God the Good.

I AM: We are expressions of God, made in the image and likeness, and therefore inherently good.

I THINK: We co-create our reality through thoughts held in mind.

I PRAY: Through prayer and meditation, we open to and align our hearts and minds with God/Truth.

I DO: Truth Principles are to be lived everyday, as we express our Christ essence into the world.

Everyone is invited to join in our after-service discussion (required for those preparing to become a member), where we explore how to put these principles into practical living, helping transform our lives and our world.


Rev. Vicky


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