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Rev. Vicky's Message January 6, 2022

As I’m sure many of you have heard, my Christmas involved the uninvited guest of Covid. While I have continued to test negative – my daughter Bri and son-in-law, Salvador – and my son, Travis and daughter-in-law, Catherine – all tested positive between December 24 and December 27. This, of course, turned our hoped-for Christmas 2021 reunion into a hodge-podge hybrid of gatherings. All were fully vaxed, which meant that the symptoms were largely that of a mild-moderate cold. And all are back to normal (except, at this writing, Salvador remains without a sense of smell, and Catherine remains without a voice). The isolation period definitely forced us to slow down. Having fully prepared for our typical holiday feasts – wonderful food was in abundance. The shift from rain to sun allowed us to embark on outdoor excursions – enjoying the beauty of our Monterey Bay. And almost all were well enough (and beyond isolation requirements) to attend Rory Rose’s first birthday (outdoors) on Sunday, January 2 – before Bri, Salvador, Mateo and Joaquin returned to Cincinnati on the 3rd. So, as I write this message on this 12th Day of Christmas, with my home once again silent – except for the echoes of family chaos and laughter, and Tohbi’s occasional barking – I’m engaging in the reflections that typically accompany this season of Christmas and New Year, as I mindfully dismantle and store away the season’s decorations for another year. Some of the themes I’m exploring for this coming year include Tragic Optimism vs Toxic Positivity – Weathering Life’s Storms; Where We Go From Here – Echoes of Martin Luther King Jr.; Shifting from Role to Soul (“The Inner Work of Age”); and “Nothing Stands Alone” (2022 Center for Action and Reflection Theme). Reflections that are inspiring my wonder and compassion – alongside the very practical, daily work of justice within the relational work of COPA that helps align my walk with my talk; and the blessed gifts of family that keep me grounded and remind me to BREATHE! I look forward to continuing this amazing spiritual journey with all of you as we co-create an unprecedented future from the inside > out!. Namasté – Rev. Vicky


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