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Rev. Vicky's Message January 27, 2022

Michelle and I participated in the Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) Annual Summit (on ZOOM) this past Tuesday and Wednesday. We joined a couple hundred other Unity Ministers, Licensed Unity Teachers, Spiritual and Lay Leaders - along with our Central Office Leadership Team and Board of Trustees - to discuss the future direction of our movement.

We explored how we might make our Unity message more visible and present in the world. Aligning with our core teaching that everything happens from the inside > out, we focused on how we can collectively re-ground ourselves (as ministries and individuals) in our understanding of Truth so that we co-create a more cohesive and unified identity and energy. And remembering that we are part of the ever-unfolding, ever-expanding, upward progressive movement of life, we also committed to both integral and evolutionary thinking that embraces change and transformation as essential to our mission.

I share all of this - because the same questions and process can inform our own Unity commUnity plans for our future (and our individual journeys as well).

Finally we had an in-depth presentation and discussion about “Principled Ministry During Covid.” I was inspired by the approach of our new UWM CEO, Rev. Shad Groverland, who suggested how we are addressing “fear” amidst the pandemic is the most central question (e.g., fear of Covid, fear of vaccines, fear of government mandates, fear of those rejecting science) i.e., the fear that divides us. In my small group, we had a meaningful discussion around both the spiritual and practical issues of ministry during Covid - and concluded by evolving the definition of FEAR as “False Evidence Appearing Real” to “Face Everything And Rise”...

Reflecting on our own handling of Covid at UMB, in light of this perspective and discussion, I came away feeling proud of our commUnity - the Leadership Council, members, and all participants...for continuing to Face Everything And Rise throughout this unprecedented experience.

I’m looking forward to our Annual Calling the Circle gathering on March 6th (and hoping in can be held safely in-person) where we can collectively reflect on our shared journey and where we’re called to go from here!

Namasté – Rev. Vicky


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