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Rev. Vicky's Message January 13, 2022

I receive regular messages from the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley. Recently, I received an invitation to participate in their Pathway to Happiness program – that also serves as a research study designed to “understand the impact of engaging in happiness practices and whether certain practices are a better “fit” for some people than others.”

“The Pathway to Happiness program suggests activities and exercises that may influence happiness, provides a specific pathway for you to follow, and gives you reminders to help you stay on track for the full 28-day program. This study will provide unprecedented quantitative insight into the potential for online happiness practices to serve the well-being of people from all over the world.”

I am going to participate. If you are interested, join me – and click on the Pathway to Happiness link below. If you do decide to participate – let me know at – so we can have an internal UMB discussion about the experience!

From the Greater Good Science Center – UC Berkeley

Want to start new happiness habits in 2022?

You are invited to try the new and improved Pathway to Happiness on our Greater Good in Action website. Join today for a more personalized, interactive journey toward a more meaningful life in the new year.

How does it work? 1. First, take a short quiz to help us understand your goals, strengths, and current well-being. 2. Then get your first science-based happiness practice to try for a week, with reminders to keep you on track. 3. At the end of the week, tell us how it went—and receive your next practice. 4. After four weeks, take a final quiz to see how you’ve progressed on your Pathway to Happiness. Register today for free—and immediately start receiving science-based strategies for more happiness, resilience, kindness, and connection in your life.

Again – let me know if you decide to participate in this study/practice by emailing me at – so we can have an internal (UMB) discussion about the experience (during and after).

Namasté – Rev. Vicky


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