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Rev. Vicky's Message August 4, 2022

I read an Awakin article this week titled “Faith Is Different Than Beliefs” (by Reb Zalmen). It is such an important distinction. In fact, confusing these two concepts is what I believe has derailed much of Christianity, i.e., requiring “faith in a set of beliefs” (creeds) as a litmus test for the faithful.

The author makes the point that “We use beliefs to shore up opinions…” whereas “Faith is ‘faithing’…a verb… an activity… a function [that] goes like this: ‘I open myself up to the central intelligence of the universe, so that I might live the purpose for which I was made.’” I think of faith-ing as trusting in that ever-expanding, ever-unfolding upper progressive movement of life.

And, when we come to faith from this perspective (trusting), there’s no arguing over dogma (i.e., beliefs), or getting stuck in whatever beliefs are running our lives at the moment…there is simply surrendering, “letting go of how I would like the world to be,” accepting what is, and – trusting that God is with us, in us, as us – through it ALL…

Take a deep breath in…let it out with an audible sigh. THIS is what it means to let go and let God. It’s impossible to feel fear or anxiety when we EXHALE. (Try it!) To exhale is an act of faith, letting go of control (whereas when we’re feeling anxious, trying to be in control, we’re often holding our breath, i.e., “forgetting to breathe”). And the good news is – breathing is designed into our very being! When we remember to breathe (mindfully), we’re opening our hearts and minds to God’s Presence and Guidance and Love in each moment. And that’s faith-ing.


Rev. Vicky


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