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Rev Vicky's Message August 25, 2022

Michelle and I have been wondering how many of you are actually reading our “Minister Messages.” We understand that folks are busy – and reading one more email may not be how you want to spend your time. I get it. In fact, I’m becoming increasingly selective about how I spend my time, i.e., how I live my life.

One benefit of maturing is we learn we can’t take time for granted. There’s a limited amount of time in a day, a week, a year and a life – so mindfully choosing how we spend it is essential to co-creating a life of meaning, purpose, and joy.

As most of you know, I have radically shifted how I spend my time over the past 18 months as I joyfully added babysitting my newest grandchildren to my life. And at first, that’s what I did: I added the hours I spent with Rory Rose and now also Lennon (about 10-11 hours a week) to my already pretty busy schedule.

It took almost a year for me to realize that I was over-extended. In order to keep up with everything, I had forfeited sleep, reflection/meditation, and exercise time (in other words, self-care time) that were all essential to my physical, emotional, and spiritual health – and thus my capacity to create a life of quality.

That realization caused me to stop and consider my priorities, and then re-consider my current commitments. I easily determined that at this point in my life, taking care of my health and wellness, AND spending time with my grandchildren (both here and in Cincinnati) are non-negotiable priorities. Which meant I needed to adjust my other commitments.

I began to pray and meditate on “what is mine to do” at this point in my life, reflecting on what brings me meaning, purpose, and joywhat is the best use of my time – and what has become simply obligation and/or habit. The guidance has been enlightening, freeing, and constructive.

As a result, I’ve significantly reduced my commitments to Unity Worldwide Ministries committee work; I’ve stayed involved in but become more selective around COPA commitments; and as you’ve probably noticed, the ratio of Sunday speaking has shifted from primarily me to primarily Michelle – which has created more time for me to focus on addressing important leadership and administrative work within our community – like visioning and goal-setting, as well as clearing out old files and updating our Policy & Procedures manual.

And I’m reminded that – as with everything else in life, living mindfully about how we spend our time is not a once-and-done process – but a daily commitment to asking “what is mine to do today” and heeding the advice.

So…if you’re reading this – I would truly appreciate an honest response to my initial question: How many of you are actually reading our Minister Messages? You can email me at … and the response will provide the answer!


Rev. Vicky


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