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Rev. Michelle's Message September 22, 2022

Last Thursday was our annual banquet featuring this year’s theme, “Thursday Night Fever.” I think it’s safe to say that a stellar time was had by all! In case you failed to heed the advice to “be there or be square,” or if you just want to relive that fab evening, here’s the skinny….

The evening began with us all arriving and exclaiming over one another’s far-out threads. Sue Rojcewicz’s psychedelic bell bottoms, Michael Payan’s curly wig, Cate Whitaker’s funky flower power look, and Howard Fosler’s snazzy get-up were favorites of mine, but everyone really looked primo! And MaryAnn Boylan’s super hip bell-bottom jeans were so groovy, someone literally bought them right off her, bidding on them during the live auction! It’s always a blast to see the folks you attend church with let loose and go bananas with their outfits.

Everyone mingled while bidding on the wide array of nifty silent auction items. Jeepers creepers! There was so much to choose from! Then we sat down to mellow out and eat dinner, first tucking into a yummy green salad and then moving onto the entree which was prime rib, salmon, or tortellini. We finished it up with a tiramisu that was out of sight!

Then, just as we were recovering from the laugh-fest that was watching Sue perform the live auction, who should come sauntering in but the blue-suede-shoed man himself, Elvis! I’m not sure what was more entertaining—watching Danny (Sue Rojcewicz’s brother) impersonate Elvis or seeing the expression of surprise and elation on Alexander’s face when he saw The King! Mr. Hound-Dog performed a few of his classic hits and we were all diggin’ it!

After that it was good vibes only as yours truly performed a few funky disco hits that were right out of Saturday Night Fever and everybody boogied on down to the dance floor to get their groove on. We were movin’ and groovin’ to tunes like Stayin’ Alive, Boogie Shoes, Dancing Queen, and Ring My Bell. Just about everyone dances at Unity banquets, and it was especially great to see that cool cat, Mr. James Bogan, gettin’ down on the dance floor (by the way, that man has more cool in his pinky finger than I have in my entire body). And, of course, no Unity banquet would be complete without the requisite dancing of the chicken dance, YMCA, the electric slide, and the Macarena. It was awesome possum!

In addition to all the fun we had, the banquet was a radical success, man! I want to give a special shout out to everyone who participated, provided angel tickets, donated and purchased auction items! You cats are totally cool, ya catch my drift? Thank you especially to Kay Payan who coordinated the banquet and made all the neato decorations, to Martha Price for her totally tubular coordination of the auction, to Sue and MaryAnn for entertaining us with the live auction, Robin Falkenberg for handling the name tags and registration, and Kay and Pam Greever (Vicky’s sister) for making sure the auction checkout was copacetic. Thanks to all you jive turkeys and foxy mamas who attended, and especially thanks to James Bogan getting us a righteous deal at the venue, I am stoked to inform you that we raised a cool $5200 for our church! Dy-no-mite!

If you missed it, you will definitely want to plan to attend next year! Until then, catch ya on the flip side! Peace out!

Many Blessings,

Rev. Michelle

P.S. How many 70s slang terms can you find in this message?


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