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Rev. Michelle's Message November 10, 2022

Can you believe Thanksgiving is only two weeks away? I can’t wait! Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. And I love the practice of listing the things we are grateful for. As I’ll be talking about in this Sunday’s lesson, gratitude has the power to shift our consciousness profoundly. Taking the time to enumerate our many blessings can help us realize how very fortunate we truly are and to see with fresh eyes the things we all-too-often take for granted.

I’ll go first and share with you my own gratitude list. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are just a few of the many, many things I am grateful for:

1. My little family—my son, my husband, our dog, and our four kitties, who put up with me and give me unconditional love every single day.

2. The love and support of family and a few close friends.

3. My warm, safe, cozy home with trees and wildlife all around.

4. My 27 years of sobriety and everything it has taught me about myself, about the unfailing love of my Higher Power, and about living life on life’s terms.

5. My calling to ministry which allows me to use my gifts, talents, and life experiences to help others and gives me the chance to do spiritual work as my both my job and my vocation.

6. All of you, who share your lives with me, trust me with the role of spiritual leadership, bring me joy and laughter and connection, and teach me so much.

I am grateful!

I invite you to make your own gratitude list and share it with your family and friends. It can never hurt to take the time to remind ourselves and one another of our many blessings, and to be mindful of the abundance of God’s goodness that is the Truth of our lives!

Many Blessings,

Rev. Michelle


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