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Rev. Michelle's Message January 26, 2023

Hello Dear Ones:

Right now, as you’re reading this, how do you feel at this very moment? Are you feeling stressed or relaxed? happy or sad? frustrated or at ease? Just make a mental note of your emotional and physical state in this moment. Now let’s pause for just a moment, put your hands in your lap, soften your gaze just slightly, and take a slow, deep breath in through your nose. Really fill your lungs up with air. Hold it for just a moment……and now release your breath slowly through your mouth…….

Now, rest one of your hands gently on your belly and take another deep,

cleansing breath in….feel your belly expand as you inhale….hold the breath for

just a moment….and now release the breath slowly, feeling the belly contract, and making a shhhhh sound with your mouth.

Take one more deep breath in through your nose, feeling the expansion as you fill yourself up with air, holding it for just a moment at the top of the breath, and then exhaling slowly, making that shhhhh sound, and feeling the sense of release and of letting go.

Now, place your hand over your heart and return to your normal breathing, feeling the gentle rise of your chest and belly as you breathe in and the slight contracting of your chest and belly as you breathe out. Feel your beating heart. You are alive. You are a miracle. You are an expression of the divine.

How do you feel now? And how does it compare to how you were feeling just a few moments ago?

You may be feeling more relaxed, more grounded, more centered, more

present in the moment. You may even feel more alert as all that oxygen you took in is nourishing your brain.

This is the magic of the breath. The sacred breath that is the foundation of our existence, the life-sustaining breath that flows through you, me, and all living beings. Our breath has the power to relax us, to bring us into the present moment, and to connect us with the presence of God. In this Sunday’s lesson, we will explore the sacredness of the breath and how we can work with the breath to bring us a deeper sense of peace and well-being, and a great awareness of the infinitely loving presence of the divine that has the power to transform us at depth.

Many Blessings,

Rev. Michelle


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