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Rev. Vicky's Message September 7, 2023

I recently read an essay, "The Kingdom of God Within: A Challenge for Progressive Christians" (Progressing Spirit, Essay by Rev. Brandan Robertson, 1-5-23) that offered a "Both-And" reminder about the importance of balancing working to manifest the Kingdom of God in our world with cultivating the Kingdom of God within.

Too often, Rev. Robertson counsels Progressive Christians, "our energy is expended declaring the revolutionary message of the Gospel to the neglect of allowing the good news to nourish our own souls at a deep level, which often results in burnout and cynicism."

Fortunately, our Unity teachings are grounded in the Inner Journey, and more than once, this foundation has pulled me back from the precipice of cynicism. So, Robertson's counsel inspired me to balance my last lesson on "Doing Justice, Loving Kindness, and Walking Humbly with God" with a lesson focused on our mystical capacity to "be still and know God."

For me, it is two sides of the same coin.


Rev. Vicky


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