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Rev. Vicky's Message March 21, 2024

Feeling blessed by Spring breaking into our days, I share this “psalm” by one of my favorite spiritual authors, Edward Hays (Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim). I hope it blesses you as well.


Psalm to Spring

Drawn upward by some hidden power, 

   life is cracking the crust of Earth 

   and bursting forth from limb and stem. 

Your aroma, O Life-giver, 

   is upon the springtime wind, 

   and I feel it’s power 

   stirring deep within me. 

Green is your color, O God, 

   the green of new life 

   that lovingly transfigures Earth’s dreariness,

   long held prisoner 

   by the icy web of winter’s cold. 

Green up my heart with hope, 

   in your perpetual promise of life.

Send forth from my soul 

   new shoots, fresh buds 

   eager to grow in your divine image. 

May this year’s visit of virgin Spring 

   make my heart a virgin once again 

   intoxicated with wild love for you, 

   whom I discover in all things 

   and in everyone. 



Rev. Vicky




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