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Rev. Vicky's Message April 28, 2022

Are worldly conditions and appearances challenging your faith in our joyous affirmation that God is Good - ALL the Time? I know that I have sometimes wondered whether it is only our privilege that allows us to even entertain such a bold claim about God’s infinite Goodness.

What I have learned over the years, however, is that when my faith gets challenged by worldly appearances and beliefs, it is time to go deeper into the Truth. And by that, I mean explore the Principles I’m questioning from a higher spiritual perspective (vs. my material-oriented ego-mind that gets stuck in appearances). Unity calls this “understanding faith”…studying (even questioning) Truth Principles helps us gain a deeper understanding, which in turn, renews and strengthens our faith.

So, when Unity published their newest booklet: Living Abundantly, Embrace Your Unlimited Good... I realized it was just the opportunity I was looking for to address my questions, fears, and concerns - by re-grounding myself in our core beliefs. AND - teach what I most need to learn.

(We will be handing out the booklet as soon as it arrives. If you are participating virtually and would like a copy mailed to you, simply contact us through our website at prayer request link and share your name, mailing address, and that you’d like to receive a booklet.)

As noted above, this first week, we will be exploring the underlying spiritual principles of abundance and unlimited good, and then focusing on how we can open to and embrace our good by stepping out in faith.

Then over the next three weeks - we will focus on “claiming our Good” in three more lessons (working titles below):

May 9th (Mother’s Day) It’s All About Love

May 16th Embracing Change Through Grace

May 23rd Rejoicing in the Divine

I hope you’ll join us!

Blessings, Rev. Vicky


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