A Message from Rev Vicky


Our hybrid Easter celebration was, I believe, a good analogy for what this
Covid reentry into in-person-living may be like:

First, there was a lot of anticipatory excitement and anxiety around the whole
affair. My Fitbit revealed that I had racked up 132 “zone minutes” between 9:25
and 11:34 AM Sunday morning – meaning my heartrate was elevated to
exercise levels the whole time – and bringing a whole new meaning to “I Rise.”

Second, there was a lot of planning involved, including phone calls from the
Council to all of you; creating safe-distancing in the pews; providing the
communion service words to those who were attending in person (where
affirmations and singing were limited to quiet statements to oneself and
humming); learning (and modeling) the sign language for “Hallelujah” and our
blessing of the children, so those gathered could “affirm” at least some things
together; setting up distanced mics for the choir; and creating an eco-friendly
and Covid-safe in-person communion experience… while ALSO pre-providing
the communion affirmations and song lyrics for those at home so they could
join and affirm and sing with abandon!

I’m guessing all of our first outings into the world (like going to a Giants game,
and/or my planned trip to Cincinnati in May) will require similar planning
including insuring Covid-safety in travel, aligning schedules, determining our safe-
people-pods, and discerning safe “in-person” activities.

Third, there were some unforeseen complications in the service, for example:
Our usher, Larry, was also part of the choir, so I ushered at the beginning of
the service to ensure folks were instructed on the safety “rules of
engagement.” The eco-friendly paper cups I got for the individual communion
bread and grape juice were described as “strong, stable, resistant, and safe for
cold liquid.” Apparently, however, the safety factor was time-limited…as the
cups (prepared just prior to the service beginning) started leaking their juice
just as communion began. (Thank you to Robin who calmly started transferring
the seeping cups into new ones – allowing the ritual to continue without
skipping a beat – and creating a UMB story to be remembered.)

In short – I know we are all excited (and probably a little anxious) about this
new life we are about to co-create separately and together. And, I affirm we will

also be flexible, patient, kind, innovative, and forgiving – with ourselves and
one another – as we joyfully navigate our way into the forthcoming,
unprecedented adventures, just as we all were this past Easter Sunday.
And while we trust in divine order, we also believe in tying our camels, so
here’s the latest advice from County and State health officials – as Monterey
County moves into Orange Tier!

Health Officials urge continuation of COVID-19 preventative measures
following the State of California’s announcement that Monterey County has
met the requirements to move into the Orange Tier of the Blueprint for a Safer
, the Monterey County Health Department announced today that the
County will continue to align with the State’s framework and allow activities
open in orange tier, effective Wednesday, April 7th .

To keep yourself, your family, friends and neighbors, and the entire community
safe, follow these core principles:
1. Move activities outdoors. Outdoor activities pose less risk than indoor
2. Stay masked. Consistent use of face coverings both indoors and outdoors
is very effective at preventing spread of the coronavirus.
3. Maintain at least 6-foot distance from others. Social distancing from
those who do not live with you is effective at keeping the coronavirus away.
4. Avoid crowds. The fewer people you encounter and the fewer interactions
you have, the lower the chance the virus will spread.
5. Get vaccinated when it is your turn. All federally authorized vaccines
work well and will help keep you, your family, and your friends healthy.

Beginning Wednesday, April 7 th , all activities authorized under the State’s
Orange Tier, including indoor dining, can resume in accordance with State
capacity limits and safety protocols, including:


  •  Indoor dining at maximum 50% capacity or 200 people, whichever is fewer;

  •  Retail stores indoors at 100% capacity with modifications;

  •  Gyms and fitness centers indoors at maximum 25% capacity, with indoor

  • pools open

  •  Movie theaters at maximum 50% capacity or 200 people, whichever is fewer

  •  Family entertainment centers indoors at maximum 25% capacity with

  • modifications for areas of increased risk of proximity; and

  •  Zoos, museums, and aquariums at 50% maximum indoor capacity.

For more information on what the State allows in the Monterey County, please
visit https://covid19.ca.gov/safer-economy/

Namasté – Rev. Vicky #weareallinthistogether (STILL)

©2018 by Unity of Monterey Bay.